The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

by Maybe Nots

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Álvaro: Batería
Joyu: Bajo
Michi: Guitarra y voz
Mike: Teclado y voz
Paty: Sintetizador y voz


released December 7, 2013

Grabado por Alberto Caballero en Estudios Dopplermedia, Alcobendas, Madrid.

Mezclado por Alberto Caballero y Álvaro Sousa.

Masterizado por Richard Dowling en Estudios Wav Mastering, Limerick, Irlanda.

Música y letras compuestas por Maybe Nots.

Maybe Nots son: Miguel Sevener (guitarra, voz, teclado), Patricia Sevener (voz, guitarra, sampler), Miguel Ruiz (piano, voz, guitarra), José Vicente Yerga (bajo), Álvaro Sousa (batería)

Pablo Moreno toca el violonchelo en Tiroriro, My Plan y Ten Years From Now

Jorge Martín toca el saxofón en Writer’s Block

A Promise is a Promise está basada en “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” de Ryuichi Sakamoto.




Maybe Nots Madrid, Spain

Banda de Hip-Hop/Soul/R&B/Rock de Madrid


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Track Name: Tiroriro
In the past, I used to take two steps at a time
running fast with your hand in mine
Then I stopped and realized all those signs
Now I can't let you go...

When I spoke, I made it all seem so beautiful
but you could not take a truth so dull
so we did the thing that we had to do
Now I can't let you go
I cannot let you gooo
Now I can't let you go
I cannot let this go...

Eyes wide open like the high tide, searching for a memory, you can do it
If I cry you will never know why, cause I can be air tight if I need to
You and I we will make it someday, swear I'll find another way, to get through this
It's amazing that we made it this far, born with scissors in our hands and running for it.

It was soon, we couldn't stand falling so apart
we broke our glass to a brand new start
but if history's bound to repeat
I cannot let you go
I cannot let you go
Now I can't let you go
I cannot let this go...
Track Name: Triangle
Goddamn, is there anything I can say, to make it right?
Is there anything I can do?

We shook hands and I felt like I could stay
I'll make it right, if it's the last thing that I do

Some things might never be the same, but it's alright
if you don't expect them to

You try again, and again but the outcome just replays
different words, but they always mean the same..

Take what I got, I know it's not much
I'd give it all up for that one last touch,
I got, no strength, no words to say
for the rest of my life I'll relive this day

Goddamn, is there anything I can say, to make it right?
Is there anything I can do?

We shook hands and I felt like I could stay
I'll make it right, if it's the last thing that I do
Track Name: My Plan
I’ve realized something sad
The fact's that the world is full of crap
People just look from their own eyes
And they don’t care if they’re stepping on glass
They think it's the way they have
To improve their life or not getting fired
Selfishness is a real shame
This is why I’m so critic, this way
We can build something better, just give me your help
I've got a plan, you just have to follow me

we do it like we do
and everywhere I go
I'm finding something new.

My plan's got three steps to follow
Today, we should not wait for tomorrow,
First step, think like insects, we all are one,
You don’t succeed unless everybody does
Just put these selfish thoughts out of your mind
Cause you don’t win until everybody does
So stretch your hands and fight together
And you will see your life is becoming better
I hope you get my point, that was step one
But we can’t go to the second till it’s done

If you go my way, feeling so much stronger, much stronger
All I know, you could go my way, feeling so much better, better, better...

The second one is simple, don’t worry
It's gonna give you some spiritual glory
You just have to change hate for love, that’s all
But hey, watch out, it’s not as easy as you thought
First of all, my friend, you have to forgive
All the people in the world you get angry with
Just focus and find a special one
This person with whom all your problems are gone
This is the way, no complications
I think it’s clear, so no more explanations
Third step, it’s special for me
In this one I just want you to relax a little bit
Forget about the problems, take it easy my friend
The last thing you need is being sad and depressed
Sit on your couch, with a couple of beers
Close your eyes, chill, and try not to think
Track Name: Writer's Block
I can't write no more, I can't feel no more
'cause what I wrote before, wasn't real no
and I realized that my real life, is much better than these songs

Let me be honest I was
born fat, made for a winner, ready for an easy life, lobster for dinner
we weren't rich I'm not saying that, but it took me 20 years to lose my baby fat
from D.C/U.S.A, planes back and forth to my family in Spain, made good friends what more can I say, a normal kid learning 'bout life in the states.

Not all, was gonna be pretty, my parents then split, shit, oh what a pity
it was sad back then, I was ten of course, but many many kids had it so much worse,
that I cried my heart out, but I was left with no doubt, that I shouldn't complain
pack my bags for spain...

I can't write no more, I can't feel no more
'cause what I wrote before, wasn't real no
and I realized that my real life, is much better than these songs
That I've been writing since...

I turned eighteen life was better, I fell in love with a girl, had to get her
everywhere she went, lift a choir of sighs, with her hips, lips, tits, all crowned by those beautiful eyes
and not once have I heard no lies, no tricks of the kind I despise, 'cause I trust my girl
'till I'm proven wrong

Everything I've done brings me to this moment
all the moves I made make me who I am
and if I can't write this song, there must be a reason
could it be you?
Track Name: Interlude I (Wait)
Those last words ain't said to make the corpse feel better...
Track Name: For Now
Will you paint my skin? Will you wrap my bones?
Will you fix me up maybe when I'm gone?
And if you did not notice while I lived?

What do you care? What does anyone?
'Bout my god damn looks when I'm past and done
Heat it up man, forget the after sun

But, but, but for now I'm 6'2, I'm younger than I'll ever be
and there's no reason for you not to make a better me
or call me maybe for the sake of symmetry
I swear I promised I would never say that line

But, but it was you, not I, who said let's do this before we forget, or die
and now I'm struggling just to get you off my mind
and all this death is making me feel so alive

Those last words ain't said to make the corpse feel better.

It's so hard, it's so hard
It's so hard, to live now
We live for the know-how
We don't spend, we just count

It took death to get me up and off my feet
you're most alive when you've got something to defeat
chin high, back strong, steps heavy
don't ever let anyone see you're not ready
Track Name: Ten Years From Now
My brain kept me up for days, I ran out of things to say
My chemicals kept me thinking, thoughts so dark, on the brink of sinking
What am I gonna do next? If I had a script I'd keep to the text
But I'm not lip-syncing words that some god's got me thinking

Winking to that girl there in the first row
Singing to impress girls that I don't know
I wonder, what's the point of it all?
Who would ever climb so high if they know they're gonna fall?
Has it all been decided for me? That I'll love a girl two years and cope another three
Let the chemicals dilute and you're gonna see: there's no "you and I" in "we"

We worked so hard on this that we gotta look the other way
last time we kissed was early may, but we make it through most every day
we keep together just so that we're not alone
we get through awful weather, spending hours on the phone

I wish, I could've met you ten years from now, ten years from now
What bliss, we could've had ten years from now, ten years from now

It started well, continued better, and when it ends, I know I'll never regret her
In fact I know, my heart has set a standard, she'll always come to me, whenever my thoughts meander
I want to know, I want to know why, there's no way out when your problem is time
Year after year, purse after purse, more and more presents to reimburse
You know the saying "for better, for worse". Are you sure? of course.
I gotta know, I gotta know now: when is it time to throw in the towel?
Chemicals only last that much, and there ain't an inch of you I've yet to touch
call me ten years from now, we can start it all again with lunch.
Track Name: A Promise is a Promise
I look away, of course I do. I've got more problems than you think and I can't deal with you.
We'll talk another day, I'll face the consequence. We'll take it all the way, surface all the marks and dents we left on our souls, after years of battling deceptions with goals, the reigns are loose now let's see which direction it goes, will it open or close the doors on which I've broken my nose so many times before?

I can only hope that no one cries, never was a good time for these sighs
And I know I'll never solve this, letting go of a girl there's no doubt that I'll miss

Take my smile as your pay, you always say, that a promise is a promise

What is this? talking shit, replacing bliss. You're the girl I'll always miss
'cause nobody could match us, even at our lowest there was nobody could catch us.
Why? You ask me, oh I'll tell you why: you can't go so high without falling, without falling.

I can only hope that no one cries, but there's no way I'm coming back
Never was a good time for goodbyes darling
I may think that I am lonely, but a promise is a promise.