Yes EP

by Maybe Nots

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These songs were performed and recorded by:

Miguel Sevener – on electric guitar, voice and self-commiseration.

Patricia Sevener – on electric guitar, synth, voice and maple syrup muffins.

Miguel Ruiz – on keys, synth, voice and fire extinguisher.

Álvaro Sousa – on drums, electric guitar and micro-management.

Jose Vicente Yerga – on bass and beard master.

John Avery – on tenor saxophone and high spirits.


Shing02 – behind the clever rhymes on “Pressure”

Sticky Sánchez – sweet-talking the ladies on “The Chase”


released March 30, 2016

Produced, recorded and mixed by Alberto Caballero and Álvaro Sousa at Dopplermedia Studios, in Madrid, Spain.

Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering, in Limerick, Ireland.



all rights reserved


Maybe Nots Madrid, Spain

Banda de Hip-Hop/Soul/R&B/Rock de Madrid


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Track Name: Anhedonia
If I had money, and you had time

If I were willing, and you were mine

Don’t you doubt it, we’d be told

That we’re never gonna make it, ‘till we grow old.

Showing teeth is not in style

Love ‘till failure, not worthwhile

Shake this reverence of denial

No I’m never gonna fake it, I’m never growing cold

Scoping out the fires

Hopes high, proud of wearing hearts on our sleeves


Those who suffer; those who doubt

Everywhere we go we feel left out

Cause we’ve been lectured, we’ve been taught

That you never gotta show it, never be caught

If I were to share my truth with you

Would you stay, or would this be through?

Well I’ve decided to be bold

No I’m never gonna fake it, No I’m never growing cold

These walls are caving in

There’s no need to hide what I’m here for

And for a while I feel

It might be real this time

I’m going back where I came from
Track Name: Another Silent Bid
Do what you can, kid

Tricks up your sleeve, hid

Rid of your prejudice and never close your eye-lids

They don’t let us dream, so we won’t let them sleep

This isn’t going to be another silent bid.

Blood red shoes matching blood red hearts

Ticking all at once with those unread thought

Of a hundred darts aiming for the sky

Remember when they told you you’d never die?

And if bright lights burn as much as night

We might just have enough to make this right

Worst comes worst, this will never die

We’ve got everything against us except time

I don’t want to know things I will never see

With my own eyes like the ropes on the trees

Like the god in the skies or the devil in me

No I don’t want to know things I will never see

And I don’t want to hear about places that I’ll never go

Seen through the screen things will never show

Real as we know they can be

No I don’t want to know things I will never see

I’m telling you this frame of mind

Can really get me down sometimes

If there’s a point of no return

It’s been long since we passed it…Fuck that

Things will change you say

But step by step, not day by day

You cash your checks I guess I’ll pay my way

I’ll play my odds against you any day…not every day

Empires built on pride, hide.

Tugging at the strings of a rust-worn ride

Fear is finally changing sides

We’ve got everything against us…
Track Name: Pressure (ft. Shing02)
It doesn’t matter who

You say it doesn’t matter when

But I need to know this time

I ask you by surprise

Do you love another man?

Cause I need to know this time

Sixteen hundred miles

Just to gain the upper hand

My cuts never bleed they shine

There’s a checkmate on your lips

I don’t ever want to hear

But I’m gonna know this time

I’m asking for another round

Of waterboarding and of sounds that no man ever should hear

Drawn by something one might feel

I don’t know, but I’ve been told a little pressure goes far…too far

this pressure, can’t relax

my ring my precious, mad to the max

my pal pascal's law is the crux

evidence, everything in a flux it sucks

just don’t make me feel the lesser man

I don’t need a confession either

seized the opportunity and lost my pride

got taken for granted and spun for a ride

kinda does matter when it messes my mind up

do unto others as you’d have them lined up

around the block like where do I sign up

reality check the lease up, give the keys up

so what am I doing bringing into the fold

holding a jacket on a shoulder just as cold

truth be told, honesty carries

more weight than carats of gold, oh
Track Name: The Chase (ft. Sticky Sánchez)
Yeah those girls are beautiful

But they don’t seem to have much fun

You’re hanging with your friends and you don’t care

You came here to sing those songs like…..

To dance like….

Girl it’s been a while since I did this last

I can’t enjoy the chase if we go this fast

That’s why this kind of place is a thing of the past

How many couples you know that met here?

Maybe I’m just an old fashioned guy

Like a quiet place where I can ask you why

You wear high heels if you’re 5’9?

Take ‘em off and we can go out tonight for dinner

I can tell that you ain’t a beginner

By the way you vanished into thin air

When I asked for the bill, I’ve been there

And I know the drill, so

Just let me take over tonight…so right

And I won’t let you down no you will not regret.

Took a couple seconds off your best time now it’s bed time

But you can’t get back to sleep cause you’re hoping for the next time

Seek me out and I’ll fulfill

But you know I’d like to chill first

I ain’t your regular drill girl.

Girl, I’m not as typical as you think

For me it ain’t difficult, that’s the thing

Love is a miracle but sex is lyrical

It’s all about spitting

Shake to the rhythm, it’ll make you sink

In the turbulent waters of a sexy dream

When the night is hot you’re my ice crean

I eat you all and leave you cold… you know what I mean

It’s a game that we all play

No matter what you believe in, we all play

And in the morning I’m leaving, it’s all said

With the same old feeling and a blurred head 

These girls are beautiful

They wanna end up in Hollywood

I’d like to chill first, no sé tú
Track Name: No One Else
It’s hard to fir trust in suitcase

Zippers won’t close, when the tide turns

It’s hard to take love in a fixed dose

Will it wear off where the sun burns?

I don’t want you to go but I’d die before you hear these words

I’ll put on smiles for show, but you’re taking them all with you

Will I ever want to go back home, leave these tides

Take stock of what I compromised (Of what I tasted)?

Too late for closing in (there’s no escaping)

This state of mind I’m in

They never teach you how to hold on, two deep breaths and a so long.

You slip so well into the yawns of deep regret

That you’re six games down and set

I never said I don’t mind (Never gonna get what you came for)

Go your way (clever bets placed on a lost war)

I’ll go mine (I don’t want to ask you to wait more)

Raising your glass to a yell, telling myself:

I don’t need no one else.

We’re all waiting for that train to pass, and wave goodbye

Dreams cast with a simple sigh of resignation

But comfort too, that tough decisions will be made for you

There never was a future, or past, just one big question we need to ask:

Who were you praying for before you met me? I’ll never leave you if you let me.